Elektronic Force • Raving George

On Saturday, 04.04.2015 expects you at 18:00 CEST on soe.one a new edition of Elektronic Force, hosted by the Belgium based Marco Bailey. This time with Raving George, known for her unique beats, synths and strange sounds.

Raving George:

This young dj-talent is only 22 years young, but already crowned the high priestess of Belgian dancehalls. She hypnotizes people with her mesmerizing mix of techno related music and makes it impossible for anyone to stand still.

She will take you by the hand into her domain of beats, synths and strange sounds and she’ll only let you go when she wants you to go completely crazy to one of her tracks.

When her fingers touch the turntables, a heavenly hell breaks loose. The smoke on the dancefloor comes from burning danceshoes and the frenzied crowd screams as a synthstorm is unleashed that no one can tame. None, except for Raving George.

Belgium loves Raving George and the memorable raves she threw at renowned festivals as I love Techno, Tomorrowland, Pukkelpop, Laundry Day and Studio Brussels’ Switch.

And the rest of Europe is starting to follow. In 2013, la George’s concert in Foligno, Italy sold more than 2000 tickets plus over 600 tickets for her set in Rome. While she’s planning her invasion of other cities such as Paris, Ireland etc.

She recently took Amsterdam by storm at Amsterdam Open Air, leaving behind a field of awestruck and somewhat love struck party people, lying exhausted on the dirty floor using their last breaths to scream for more.


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