Radio • About soe.fm


Welcome! The project soe.fm is a free and non-commercial radio station. We would like to introduce in this article once the project and provide comprehensive insight into the alignments of our two streams.

Besides 24/7 playlists there will be also available live shows, which are placed after an elaborate show concept to the streams. There is no exclusivity in the implementation of the radio shows, unless the latter are not designed directly by or for us.

To find a mature server system and the possibility to obtain a connection to all popular social networks, was the drive to implement the project. We therefore dispense with intent to any third-party advertising, which has nothing to do indirectly or directly with us. We are big friends of open source solutions, which is based largely on the whole system.

This is a free hosted project. There is no company in the background. It's all based on a hobby and on our own credits. All shows and all sets in the 24/7 playlists of our both streams are hand-picked. We are providing exactly this what we like and we wouldn't provide/promote/share things or wouldn't follow any hype only to get a bigger range or only because someone means we should do this.

If you like what we are doing and do you want to support it, then you can follow us, provide music for us and/or you can use the paypal button at the bottom of our website to keep alive this project.


soe.one is the first stream of soe.fm, where you will get a full range between minimalist sounds and driving techno. The stream is strongly focused on independent music. We try to offer a well-sorted selection and to provide a platform for talented artists.


soe.two is the 2nd stream of soe.fm, where you will get a full range from Nudisco, Deephouse, House and Tech-House. You can find here all deeper grooves and it will only give you sound that moves away from commercial releases.