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On the 09.02.2015 appeared the 138th release of the swedish label Drumcode. Harvey McKay has dropped a brand new 4 track EP on Adam Beyer´s well-known imprint, full of unique rythms and typical voice samples.

DC138 Glasgow Safari:

Harvey McKay is back on Drumcode with an EP that is very close to home, titled Glasgow Safari. Harvey has blended his synonymous synth stabs and vocal hooks together and has created another outstanding EP.

The drums are fat and chunky as always and allow Harvey's ideas to flow effortlessly over a solid foundation. The smooth use of dynamic throughout Harvey's tracks also create impressive drops to add to another exceptional EP from Harvey.


Oh hell ya, this EP is 100% that what i know and love from Harvey McKay and where it could be better placed as on Drumcode. After a long break he dropped a amazing 4 track EP that blows my mind and i can't wait to play it my radio shows.

The Cure: One of these tracks where you exactly know that is a bomb after listing the first 30 seconds and after 60 seconds you will jump up and say: OH YES. There is a big package of funk inside and the groove let your head banging. This awesome groove runs in a cool break with a big drop, that will brings you back to the funk of his release on Intec in November 2014.

Trick Baby: With a strong shuffeling beat and a typical voice sample this track is directly designed for the dancefloor. The beat is grooving all over the tops and should find good a place in every fresh DJ-set. That is McKay without a compromise.

Kill Switch: This track is, besides the The Cure, my FAV on this EP. The massive bassline and the amazing placed voice overlays are one of the best what i have ever heard from Harvey. The drops are very good placed - it rolls from the beginning until the end.

Venom: The last track of this EP is again a real stomper with strong shuffled rythms and lazy hats. It rolls and you know exactly that is what you like on Harvey's tracks.

All 4 tracks are really good produced and mastered. McKay's unique sound creates everytime a big smile in every face and they should find the way to all good sorted DJ-sets and dancefloors.


01. Harvey McKay - The Cure (Original Mix)
02. Harvey McKay - Trick Baby (Original Mix)
03. Harvey McKay - Kill Switch (Original Mix)
03. Harvey McKay - Venom (Original Mix)

Title: Glasgow Safari
Artist: Harvey McKay
Release: DC138
Release Date: 09.02.2015

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