CLR • Simo Lorenz

On Tuesday, 03.02.2015 expects you at 20:00 CET on soe.one a new edition of the CLR Radio Show, hosted by Chris Liebing. This time with Germany based Simo Lorenz, known for is his residency in Stuttgart´s Lehmann club.


This the end of the little series of local heroes and faithful supporters of the Techno scene, this time with Simo Lorenz from Stuttgart´s distinguished Lehmann club.

Simo loves to play extended, passionate DJ-sets, not only in his residency at the Lehmann, but also in numerous renowned national and international clubs.

His digital DJ setup allows for a maximum of real time creativity and in the studio he is a prolific producer of original tracks and remixes, some of which appeared on labels such as Wall Music, Nachtstrom Schallplatten, Drowne Records or Illegal Alien, just to name a few.

He furthermore co-founded the booking agency Blakksheep at the end of 2014. Simo is celebrating his 30th birthday on the 15th of February at the so-called Dirty Thirty event at the Lehmann.


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