Releases • DC137 Dubspeeka Primary

On the 12.01.2015 appeared the 137th release of the Sweden based label Drumcode. Dubspeeka has dropped his first full EP on Adam Beyer´s well-known imprint with 4 tracks full of unique beats and melancholic synths.

DC137 Dubspeeka Primary:

After appearing on the sister label Truesoul and also the A-sides Volume 2, dubspeeka releases his first full EP on Drumcode.

Basing his sound heavily on his uniquely dark and twisted melodies, dubspeeka has created a brooding, atmospheric EP that capture each individual feeling on the techno scale from bouncing, energetic tracks to melancholic offerings.

His use of Percussive sounds add energy to tracks such as Primary K290 and his array of eloquent lead lines add depth and character that can be heard on Primary K293.


01. Dubspeeka - Primary K272 (Original Mix)
02. Dubspeeka - Primary K293 (Original Mix)
03. Dubspeeka - Primary K290 (Original Mix)
03. Dubspeeka - Primary K256 (Original Mix)

Title: Primary
Artist: Dubspeeka
Release: DC137
Release Date: 12.01.2015

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