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On the 19.01.2015 appeared the 62nd release of the Italy based label Deeperfect Records. Reinier Zonneveld is back with  a nostalgic number with melancholic melodies and with remixes by Roberto Capuano and Taster Peter.

DPE962 Archive feat. Simone White:

Reinier Zonneveld is back, and this time with vocalist Simone White, where they deliver a nostalgic number with melancholic melodies and lush vocals. Shuffling drums ensure that things groove along nicely and subtle arpeggiated synths add the classy details.

Roberto Capuano's mix is up next, with rumbling bass setting the tone and major use of the original's synth work.

Taster Peter comes up with a slightly dubbier approach while retaining the melodic elements and the last remix of the package offers suspenseful drum rolls and quirky electronics.


01. Reinier Zonneveld - Archive (Original Radio Edit)
02. Reinier Zonneveld - Archive (After the After You've Let Me in Mix)
03. Reinier Zonneveld - Archive (Roberto Capuano Remix)
04. Reinier Zonneveld - Archive (Taster Peter Remix)

Title: Archive feat. Simone White
Artist: Reinier Zonneveld
Release: DPE962
Release Date: 19.01.2015

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