Out of Control • Dextar + Hunter ACAB

On Wednesday, 31.12.2014 expects you at 17:00 CET on soe.one a new episode of the Out of Control Podcast, hosted by Sunny Tekkmouse. This time with 2 new exclusive sets mixed by Dextar and Hunter ACAB.

Out of Control:

Dextar and Hunter ACAB have delivered with their sets 2 real bombs with a detonation time of 60 and 120 minutes. So you will get 180 minutes full of driving and banging techno on the last episode of the Out of Control Podcast for this year.

While Dextar provided energetic old-fashioned grooves, Hunter ACAB comes up with a little bit more darker sounds. An interesting mix that you shouldn't be missed.

Maybe one of the best Warmup for the New Years Eve.

Under the name Bizarre Porn DNA the Germany based Sunny Tekkmouse is hosting the Out of Control Podcast. She wants give new talents a platform to present the own work and and to draw attention to themselves.

That is what her heart beats. She loves powerful Techno and holds her ears always open to new sounds. She is bonded with a strong community and share her music with all Techno lovers around the world.

Every 2nd Wednesday she presents a new episode of her podcast series one soe.one! Don't miss it and be a part of it to share her love for electronic music.


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