CLR • Woo York

On Tuesday, 23.12.2014 expects you at 20:00 CET on soe.one a new edition of the CLR Radio Show. This time with the Kiev based Duo Woo York, known for the work on the long-lived imprint Planet Rhythm and the own exciting tracks.

Woo York:

Woo York are techno's men on the mission. Having gained a foothold as residents of legendary Glaswegian label Soma Recods and head honchos of Planet Rhythm, they keep delivering one dancefloor killer after another.

Since the start of their career back in 2009, the Kiev based duo has come a long way from being Ukraine capital’s local heroes to becoming an internationally recognized live act with their own signature sound. And it is right now when they’re making a step forward both in terms of building up their studio and by widening their audience globally.

2012 saw Woo York’s debut vinyl release put out, with excellent remixes from Truncate and MRSK accompanying well-tailored original tunes. Following up on what seemed to be a nice start was a series of EPs on Planet Rhythm and Soma further improving their position within the scene.

Tracks like Solar Diet, I am Against, Acid Rain and Ancient Light have been played out by techno’s busiest figures, while the likes of Samuli Kemppi, Ø [Phase], Jeroen Search and Edit Select happily stepped in for remix duties.

The long-lived imprint Planet Rhythm, nowadays managed and curated by Woo York, is gaining second life now, having doubled its productivity since few years ago. The label’s artist roster is about to feature Developer, Oscar Mulero, Christian Wünsch, Claudio PRC, Samuli Kemppi, Eduardo De La Calle and others, in no small part thanks to the duo’s efforts.

Performance-wise Woo York are known for their live set first and foremost. Either dancefloor-oriented or experimental, it represents a highly improvisational piece of music with strong hardware background.

On the other hand, you just can’t pigeonhole it into either surface alone: Woo York bring the energy associated with techno to the very leftfield shows and effortlessly incorporate avant garde elements into club setting. Diversity is the key.


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