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On the 13.10.2014 appeared the 13th release of the UK based label DEAD CERT. Records. The Colombian based artist Alessan Main has droped a strong EP with 3 original tracks and a remix by the Denver based Mick Finesse.

DEADCERT013 Global Position:

DEAD CERT. delivers it's 13th release with three original tracks from Colombian based artist Alessan Main who already boasts music on Sian's label Octopus Recordings along with Illegal Alien Records. That list is soon to include none other than KMS, ran by Kevin Saunderson who is nicknamed The Innovator for his role in spawning the genre we now call Techno, it's clear to see that Alessan Main is an exciting producer making Techno in its purest form.

Also featuring on this release is Perc Trax regular Mick Finesse, who has been rising through the ranks with a string of hard hitting releases and his music can also be found on Prosthetic Pressings amongst others. American born Stephen Penders aka Mick Finesse describes his sound as Melodramatic death rattles and that's exactly what he delivers with his remix for this EP.

First up is 10.01 which sets the scene with a driving melodic sound lead by fast flowing percussion and rolling rhythms. It's simple but effective pad tones have space to breath and dances between the subtle sprinklings of white noise, like a sleek predator stalking its next victim.

Track two titled 30.03 is as dark and twisted as the first, utilising a forceful kick that hits with enough thump to break concrete. Clattering percussion fuses with sparse and eerie FX to create a sense of desperate urgency and a feeling of unnerve that will bring tension to any dancefloor.

Track three sees Mick Finesse step up the game with his remix of 30.03. Keeping the originals dark vibe and stripped back sound, Mick adds a touch of Model 500 style electro. Adding a heavy shuffle to the kick he uses broken rhythms and plenty of roughness to give it a whole new groove that fans of his Perc Trax releases will love.

Finishing off the release is another of Alessan Main's originals titled 40.04 that continues the diverse sound on this EP. This track is perhaps the most individual on the release, lead by a quirky melody and the sublet distortion that rises from the bass sound, it's the perfect tool for anyone looking for something a bit different to destroy a dancefloor.


01. Alessan Main - 10.01 (Original Mix)
02. Alessan Main - 30.03 (Original Mix)
03. Alessan Main - 30.03 (Mick Finesse Remix)
04. Alessan Main - 40.04 (Original Mix)

Title: Global Position
Artist: Alessan Main
Release: DEADCERT013
Release Date: 13.10.2014

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