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On Saturday, 29.11.2014 expects you at 18:00 CET on soe.one a new edition of the Blind Spot Radio Show, hosted by Dr Hoffmann. This time with Cortechs, one of the most important producers of the german underground techno movement.


Uncompromising, Dark, Atmospheric. Techno! That’s the sound of Cortechs. It did not take long until the unique sound of Cortechs became attention in the global underground scene of techno music. After multiple releases on various prestigious labels, Cortechs earned his rightful position.

With his first album The End Justifies The Means which was released on his regular label Machine Box, Cortechs was able to give his sound a very personal touch and gather enough raw materials to use and intuitively play with in his exquisite Ableton Live sets.

Having been on tour through Germany a lot of times, he always found inspiration for producing new sounds. This new material was also the basis for upcoming projects like the Last 13 EP released on Steil or the collaboration with Hackler & Kuch which was released on De-Konstrukt.

With remixes for Angy Kore, Niereich, Morgan Tomas or Mike Wall, Cortechs has become an important and much requested remixer in the scene.


Blind Spot:

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