Out of Control • 1st Anniversary

On Wednesday, 22.10.2014 expects you at 17:00 CEST on soe.one a new episode of the Out of Control Podcast, hosted by Sunny Tekkmouse. This time she will celebrate with all her Technolovers the 1st Anniversary of the podcast.


He was born at 1995 in Shahtarsk, Ukraine - Donetsk region. Interest in club music and DJing came back to his childhood. But the chance to play his first set fell as much, as in 2010. Since then, he has serious intentions DJing and all that it involves.

Since 2012 began to write his first tracks, and began working with different labels like LSD25 Recordings, Tekx Records, Alien Force Digital and many more.

Pierre Memoria:

Pierre is a DJ from Goch, Germany and startet his career in 2009. His first equipment was quickly bought to make his first moves into the world of DJs.

In the early days he realized his love to the electronic music. Club- and Festival visitations inspired him from the first second because of this he knows exactly how his sound has to be.

Dark athmosphere, brutal and drifty beats in every second of his sets makes his affinity to the massive genre - Techno - unmistakeable. When you feel the stomping kicks and deep basses in his sets you will recognize that Pierre is not a friend of soft music.


Kevin Wirth aka Stampflok began to get involved in himself at the age of 15 years with minimal and techno music. He went to many parties in various clubs.

From time to time he's increasingly interested in this style. After 3 years he discovered the program Ableton by a friend. Now he produce his own techno music.


Out of Control:

Under the name Bizarre Porn DNA the Germany based Sunny Tekkmouse is hosting the Out of Control Podcast. She wants give new talents a platform to present the own work and and to draw attention to themselves.

That is what her heart beats. She loves powerful Techno and holds her ears always open to new sounds. She is bonded with a strong community and share her music with all Techno lovers around the world.

Every 2nd Wednesday she presents a new episode of her podcast series one soe.one! Don't miss it and be a part of it to share her love for electronic music.

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