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On Friday, 13.03.2015 expects you at 21:00 CET on soe.one a new edition of the Reda Radio Show, hosted by the Belgium based RedHead. Known for his energetic DJ-Sets and brilliant techno releases all over the world.


The career of RedHead, real name Steve Vangilbergen, started in 1992, when an early interest for electronic music became a real passion.

He became a resident in a local club, where he met Marco Bailey. A productive and creative team was born and this duo became famous for their hard and loopy techno releases.

In 2000, RedHead released his first solo record and many other releases on different labels followed. In june 2002 his full album release Dragon and Sword came out and in 2004 he had the honour to produce the I love Techno anthem. In 2005 he started his own label, Red Factory Recordings.

Meanwhile, he played at parties all over the world, like for example in Brazil, Japan, Sweden, Malta, Ibiza, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Poland, France, Holland, Spain, Portugal, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Greece, Germany and Turkey.

He also played on big festivals like I Love Techno, Nature One, Laundry day, Rave on Snow, Awakenings, Mayday Budapest, Decibel, In Qontrol and many more.


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