Releases • ALLE033 Amox Eccles EP

On the 31.03.2014 appeared the 33rd release of the Malta based label Alleanza. Gabriel D'Or & Bordoy have dropped with Amox and Eccles two powerfull tracks manifest on the signature sounds that the guys are known.

ALLE033 Amox Eccles EP:

Now native to the Alleanza dynasty Gabriel D'Or & Bordoy parades with Amox and Eccles as they continue to prove why it has become the label's duty to represent these guys to the fullest.

From the energetic programming of Amox to the musical theme of Eccles both tracks manifest on the signature sounds that the guys have been getting mass recognition for. Engaging the Alleanza followers repeatedly Gabriel D'Or & Bordoy are vastly proving to be amongst the forefront of this label.


Founded in mid 2011 by maltese musician Jewel Kid, Alleanza has shot its way forward fast in the techno scene, from running a weekly radio show globally, to hosting Alleanza label nights, as well as being a music label filled with the best talents from the business including Mauro Picotto, Jewel Kid, Pig&Dan, Popof, Kaiserdisco, Bart Skils, Hermanez and more!

considering Jewel Kid's exceptional valour in his productions, and the respect other artists have shown for his work, it is highly recommended to keep your eyes, and ears, peeled for Alleanza's upcoming releases which always tend to showcase some of Jewel Kid's finest work adding a few guest projects from some of his favorite artists.

Title: Amox Eccles EP
Artist: Gabriel D'Or & Bordoy
Release: ALLE033
Release Date: 31.03.2014

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