Discothesque • Ulf Alexander

On Friday, 09.01.2015 expects you at 20:00 CET on soe.three a new edition of Discothesque Radio. We are proud to present every month a new episode, hosted by the Germany based DJ Ulf Alexander with his definition of House music.

Ulf Alexander:

Somehow addicted to a wide range of musical styles ever since - going from Hip Hop to even Punk - German DJ and as of late producer Ulf Alexander turned out to be one of the promising rookies of the last 12 month.

Starting professional DJing in 2007, by the beginning of 2010 most rated clubs came across his twisted rhytmn and beats agenda that floats dancefloors with a deep magnetic groove.


Shows at Cocoon, Hotel Shanghai, Übel & Gefährlich or Baalsaal have let him become a very mature newcomer by now whos production debut Coastguard recently got licensed by Pacha Underground, while his freshest Beatport Mix just hit the Overall Top 40.

Winning the Pollerwiesen - Newcomer Contest and selectively hosting the Global Room at Pacha Ibiza's new Insane - brand this summer, 2013 seems to offer an interesting journey to come.

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