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On the 13.03.2014 appeared the 7th release of the UK based label DEAD CERT. The Belarus based producer Energun has dropped a amazing 4 track EP. All tracks are going straight forward within the style of the label.

DEADCERT007 Psychology:

The mighty Energun from Belarus debut on DEAD CERT. after a regular string of releases on hugely respected labels from Affin, Android Muziq, Darknet, Decoy, Genesa, Hybrid Confusion, Kaputt, NuLabel, Sienna Obscure to many others.

Experimental - A powerful, in your face, techno ripper, that stops for no-one!

Developmental - As the name suggests, a mental sound develops that creates suspense and ensues an oldschool flavour.

Differential - Closer to a straight up techno chugger, boasting twisting atmospherics to back up an insane beat.

Evolutionary - Displays a deeper, subtle and smooth sound with a retrospective style.



01. Energun - Experimental (Original Mix)
02. Energun - Developmental (Original Mix)
03. Energun - Differential (Original Mix)
04. Energun - Evolutionary (Original Mix)

Title: Psychology
Artist: Energun
Release: DEADCERT007
Release Date: 13.03.2014

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