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  • FIGURE72 The Key Of Night

  • On 24.12.2015 appeared the 72nd release of the Berlin based label Figure. The UK based producer Cleric is back onthe label and he has dropped 4 extremely powerful, yet masterfully controlled bass frequencies.
  • AFTEREP004A Desolation

  • On 21.12.2015 appeared the 4th release of the US based label AFTER. Records. The Italian Producer Luca Gaeta has released two origninal tracks and two remixes of the title track by The Reactivitz and Drunken Kong.
  • DEADCERT020 Inner Awareness

  • On 14.12.2015 appeared the 20th release of the UK based label DEAD CERT. Records. This time the Berlin based Caremajor provided 3 original tracks and a remix by the Spanish artist Unam Zetineb, also known under UZB.
  • DC151 Run Back

  • On 14.12.2015 appeared the 151st release of the sweedish label Drumcode. Mark Reeve is back on the label with a massive EP, which contains 4 tracks full high energy and dark sounds with his typical heavy textures.
  • REDRUM019 Forma Mentis EP

  • On 07.12.2015 appeared the 19th release of the Italian label Redrum Music. The UK based Paride Saraceni is back and has dropped a high quality two-tracks EP, which is full of funk, soul and raw grooving beats.
  • STD161 Moving On EP

  • On 07.12.2015 appeared the 161st release of the Madrid based label Selected Records. The Barcelona based Producer Dave Sinner has dropped 4 orignial tracks, which will show his high quality productions skills.
  • BK013 Kataklysm EP

  • On 30.11.2015 appeared the 13th release of the Miami based label Black Kat. Helmut Kraft has dropped a powerful EP including 3 original tracks, which are full of energy and driving beats.
  • STD160 The 43 Peculiarity EP

  • On 30.11.2015 appeared the 160th release of the Madrid based label Selected Records. Johann Smog, one of the most promising new talents, has dropped a cool EP including 4 original tracks, which shows his unique sound.
  • DC150 Wilford EP

  • On 23.11.2015 appeared the 150th release of the sweedish label Drumcode. Roberto Capuano has delivered an immense 4 track EP that will blow out the cobwebs and see Roberto step back onto Drumcode with a bang.
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