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    dextar (04.04.2011 - 02:06 CEST)

    Welcome! The project is a free and non-commercial radio station. We would like to introduce in this article once the project and provide comprehensive insight into the alignments of three streams.

  • Destination Sound • DJ Tomick

    dextar (11.06.2012 - 20:50 CEST)

    Am Freitag, den 29.08.2014, scheppern ab 18:00 Uhr auf wieder elektronische Beats aus dem Radio, um den letzten Staub aus euren Boxen zu schütteln. Zu Gast bei Destination Sound ist diesmal der Berliner DJ Tomick.

  • Genericos • David Zona

    dextar (31.10.2011 - 05:51 CET)

    On Friday, 29.08.2014 expects you at 20:00 CEST on a new edition of Genericos. David Zona presents for you each week his popular radio show, right from the heart of the spanish metropol Valencia.

  • Listen to • CatRoll

    dextar (25.08.2014 - 11:51 CEST)

    On Friday, 29.08.2014 expects you at 21:00 CEST on a new episode of the guest-show Listen to. This time with a exclusive DJ-Set of the Berlin based Djane and producer CatRoll, known for her driving kind of techno.

  • Rhythm Converted • Tom Hades

    dextar (26.10.2013 - 12:14 CEST)

    On Saturday, 30.08.2014 expects you at 19:00 CEST on a new edition of Rhythm Converted. We are proud to present every week a new episode of the well-known podcast, hosted by the Belgium based DJ and producer Tom Hades.

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  • PHOBIQ097D Spektre The Grudge

  • On the 07.07.2014 appeared the 97th release of the Italy based label Phobiq Recording. Spektre are back on on the label with a amzing 2 tracks EP, which boasts an unmistakeable riff and chords that remind us of the good old days.
  • YR044 Origins EP

  • On the 30.06.2014 appeared the 30th release of the swedish label Yellow Recordings. This time Nonnus & Porter Rhodes are back on the label with a strong EP including 3 amazing remixes by Andy Notalez, Gabriel Ben and Dani Sbert.
  • Klockworks 12 Sterac

  • On the 27.06.2014 appeared the 12th release of the Berlin based label Klockworks. The Dutch techno legend Steve Rachmad, aka STERAC, joins the label ranks with an outstanding four-track EP. Bringing old-school values up-to-date.
  • TOKEN45D Kinematics Equations EP

  • On the 23.06.2014 appeared the 45th release of the Beglium based label Token Records. Oscar Mulero and Christian Wünsch continue on the same path with the new Kinematics Equations EP and 4 spacey but powerful cuts.
  • Drumcode A-Sides Vol.2

  • On the 23.06.2014 appeared the 129th release of the swedish label Drumcode. With this release the label completed since 2012 the 2nd A-Sides compilation. Its combining old and new talents in the well-known quality.
  • ALLE039 Eternal Memory Vesperine

  • On the 23.06.2014 appeared the 39th release of the Malta based label Alleanza. LowKey & Kardinal have droped a strong 2 tracks EP with the known energy and perfection in their releases. The both tracks are real big room bombs.
  • DEADCERT010 XHEI Memorial

  • On the 13.06.2014 appeared the 10th release of the UK based label DEAD CERT. This time XHEI from Buenos Aires has dropped two amazing tracks. This powerful EP comes up with two top-class remixes by Ixel and Lex Gorrie.
  • DEADCERT009 Black Mail III

  • On the 13.05.2014 appeared the 9th release of the UK based label DEAD CERT. The 3rd installment of the Black Mail various artist series showcases tracks from around Europe. Frank Savio, Akkya, Quorum One and Marco Dainese.
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